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Laven Insurance was founded in 1927 by Ozmun Laven, expanded by second generation owner Robert Laven and now under the direction of the third generation of leadership in Linda (Laven) Bernth. Laven Insurance and its online presence LavenInsurance.com have been growing with and protecting clients in South Bend, Michiana, and beyond.

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Laven’s over 90 years of experience spans two centuries and three generations of owners. Laven Insurance is dedicated to growing and serving its northern Indiana clients, but can also protect you and your lifestyle wherever you are! We know who we are and those who have made us into a successful insurance agency. And we will never forget that this is home.

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Kevin P.

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Laven in what has become an outstanding business relationship. Their professionalism with an individualistic approach to our unique business needs have allowed our company to grow without traditional business headaches associated with insurance. Their team has had to adjust to the way I handle insurance internally, but they’ve responded and tailored our relationship to the direction I wished it would go without compromising the integrity of your agency.