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Life Insurance

Nobody wants to think about dying. That might be why the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are still touring. Famous or not, life insurance is the way most of us can be sure our loved ones rock on long after we’ve gone.  Laven has life insurance specialists ready to help you stare down reality for a bit, so you can go back to living your way without worry.

Life the way you want it is why Laven rocks.


Long-Term Care Insurance

The single largest cause of family wealth loss is the cost of caring for our aging family members. Be prepared. Consider a long-term care program designed to protect your family financially and care for your aging loved ones with the dignity and comfort they deserve. And, it’s not just for the elderly or when you get old. If a younger person needs additional help due to an illness or accident, long-term care protection helps them as well! Get it before you need it.

Laven Insurance rocks all ways to protect you.

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Disability Insurance

Your most valuable asset isn’t your house, car or retirement account. It’s the ability to make a living.  Disability insurance pays a portion of your income if you can’t work for an extended period because of an illness or injury.

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I believe that Susan is looking out for me and my employees.  All of my business insurance needs have always been handled with excellent service.